June 9, 2010

It's done

I'm finally living "alone". A few days ago I took that nice letter I typed up for Roger awhile back ... the one talking about "soon the legal separation will be final, you are now a visitor, you have to leave by 10 p.m. and I will be enforcing this" ... you know the one? The one I thought would solve the problems and I wouldn't have to be the bad guy ... the one I thought he'd "honor" and do what he should? You know that didn't work. First of all, I should have known better ... imagine saying "it's ten pm ... you have to leave" when you don't have anywhere you want to go.

The man has "friends" ... I know of 2 who would put him up ... and that's the 2 Jessie's. Given the choice between them, I'd go with the older one.

Well, he's been sick so I let him stay over. Then the Memorial Day weekend came and of course no one is around. Finally I had 2 days off and his sweet tooth was acting up. I ran out of sugar (and I don't know how that happened since there's supposed to be no one here when I'm not) so I pulled out the remaining brown sugar for coffee/koolaid knowing that would last til I do food shopping but he went throught that in one day for crying out loud! Also, when I went to make the p'nut butter cookies for Sharisse to send her, he got into my jar of p'nut butter I had stashed in my bedroom and I had to use less than what the recipe called for. He offered to go get me some but I said no. Sheesh!!!

So, as I said, I pulled out that letter and circled some parts and added more. I guess I was mad when I did it as I reread it a few days later and thought "boy, that sounds mean". I know he read it as that night when I came home from work he called and asked me to put his bag and the things on the washer outside on the porch and I know that bag wasn't in the front room when I went to work that day. He hasn't said anything about the letter but he hadn't been to my house in about 3 days so I know he read it. When he came by yesterday he was with Jessie and picked up a bag and left again. He hasn't said where he's at or what's happening.

So, now he's gone and I can buy chicken breasts at the market without the fear of them being gone when I want one.

Jason's almost got his own place ... actually he's trying to rent a room in a family's house for $300. He'll find out today if they'll let the deposit be paid in a couple of weeks as I only have the $300 for him since he said he didn't think there was a deposit at all but it's only a little more than the $300 so I might be able to do that next payday or the following if I can't swing it on the 22nd.

Well, gotta run.

Talk to you later.

Love as always,

June 2, 2010

Another month gone by!

Oh Tasha ... time is flying by. September will be here very soon. I can't wait.

And Max will be gone on year on the 10th! I do miss him so much. I try not to take it personally as cats will do what they will do but it's still hard. Tux came home ... why didn't he? I bet Tux got him lost on purpose so he'd be the only cat in the household! LOL

This legal separation thing sucks! Sometimes I just wish I had gone with the divorce but it probably wouldn't have made any difference ... Roger has no place to go (he won't ask friends as he doesn't want their pity) so he's here most of the time. Other than my not buying any food for him, not doing his laundry, or anything happening in the bedroom, not much has changed. I'm looking forward to moving into a one bedroom either across the street (which would be nice as they only have a front door and he won't be able to break and enter) or stay withing housing. That way alot of stuff can be gotten rid of.

Well, guess that's about all. I know you're having fun up there and are welcoming all the newcomers to the Bridge.


May 14, 2010

You already knew, didn't you???

Sharisse has been trying to call but couldn't get through so she put it on myspace. It's official ... going to be a boy! And it's "Nicholas Andrell Cook". Her Dad would have been so proud and happy. I can't wait to get up there in September!!! Alleged 3rd grandchild but first grandson!!! Watch out for her, Tasha! She needs all the help she can get.

Love you, baby!!!


April 18, 2010


OMG ... totally forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday on the 15th!!! It's on my phone so I did not forget but you are now 16 years old!!!!! Oh, Tasha ... I still remember when we first got you!!!!!

Is your Daddy up there with you????????????

I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


April's almost over

Time is going by so fast!!! I didn't post anything for April ... guess I talk to you enough in real life!

Sharisse is going to find out 5/11 what she's having. I think it will be either Nicholas Andrell or Isabella Nicole. Trying to get Nicole instead of Marie to honor Nikki who's done so much for her and will be there with her at the time of birth if I can't get there in time. Also, Nicholas will honor her also as Nikki is a nickname for both.

Went and paid the $300 for the default papers for the court and took them to Merced Friday. He'll get a copy of the default at him Mom's house. The papers have been filed with the judge so in less than 2 weeks (hopefully depending) I will have the finalized signed paper stating we are legally separated.

Right now we're (oh, excuse me ... it's "I'm" now and not "we're) getting ready for the inspection this Monday or Tuesday. Roger cleaned out the back room and my trash can is overflowing! LOL

Gotta run and finish up some last minute things as I'm working night tomorrow and morning Tuesday and don't want to be doing any more cleaning then.

Love as always and missing you sooooooo much!