June 9, 2010

It's done

I'm finally living "alone". A few days ago I took that nice letter I typed up for Roger awhile back ... the one talking about "soon the legal separation will be final, you are now a visitor, you have to leave by 10 p.m. and I will be enforcing this" ... you know the one? The one I thought would solve the problems and I wouldn't have to be the bad guy ... the one I thought he'd "honor" and do what he should? You know that didn't work. First of all, I should have known better ... imagine saying "it's ten pm ... you have to leave" when you don't have anywhere you want to go.

The man has "friends" ... I know of 2 who would put him up ... and that's the 2 Jessie's. Given the choice between them, I'd go with the older one.

Well, he's been sick so I let him stay over. Then the Memorial Day weekend came and of course no one is around. Finally I had 2 days off and his sweet tooth was acting up. I ran out of sugar (and I don't know how that happened since there's supposed to be no one here when I'm not) so I pulled out the remaining brown sugar for coffee/koolaid knowing that would last til I do food shopping but he went throught that in one day for crying out loud! Also, when I went to make the p'nut butter cookies for Sharisse to send her, he got into my jar of p'nut butter I had stashed in my bedroom and I had to use less than what the recipe called for. He offered to go get me some but I said no. Sheesh!!!

So, as I said, I pulled out that letter and circled some parts and added more. I guess I was mad when I did it as I reread it a few days later and thought "boy, that sounds mean". I know he read it as that night when I came home from work he called and asked me to put his bag and the things on the washer outside on the porch and I know that bag wasn't in the front room when I went to work that day. He hasn't said anything about the letter but he hadn't been to my house in about 3 days so I know he read it. When he came by yesterday he was with Jessie and picked up a bag and left again. He hasn't said where he's at or what's happening.

So, now he's gone and I can buy chicken breasts at the market without the fear of them being gone when I want one.

Jason's almost got his own place ... actually he's trying to rent a room in a family's house for $300. He'll find out today if they'll let the deposit be paid in a couple of weeks as I only have the $300 for him since he said he didn't think there was a deposit at all but it's only a little more than the $300 so I might be able to do that next payday or the following if I can't swing it on the 22nd.

Well, gotta run.

Talk to you later.

Love as always,

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